Day One – Wed 5th Dec. 2018

Field Trip: National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Viewing of Viking Age material culture, hosted by Martin Goldberg of National Museums Scotland, with James Graham-Campbell (University College London) and Tom Horne.

Location: National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.


Language, Texts and Diaspora in Scandinavian Scotland

Judith Jesch, University of Nottingham.

Location: The Govan Stones at Govan Old, Glasgow.

Post-Keynote Glenmorangie Reception: Govan Stones, Glasgow

Adrián Maldonado, Glenmorangie Research Fellow: Introduction to Glenmorangie Research Project.

Day Two – Thurs 6th Dec. 2018

Glasgow, Kelvin Hall

Short presentations providing updates on newer work

Welcome 09:00-9:20

  • 1998-2018: Old and New Work in Viking Scotland: Colleen E. Batey (University of Glasgow) & James Graham-Campbell (University College London)

First Contacts | Native-Norse Interactions 09:20-10:20

Chair: Colleen Batey

  • What does Landnám look like? Excavations at Swandro and Old Scatness: Julie Bond and Steve Dockrill (University of Bradford)
  • Tracing Native/Norse relationships in the archaeology at St Ninian’s Isle, Shetland: Rachel Barrowman (University of Glasgow)
  • Post-Pictish Portmahomack, activity on Tarbatness during the 9th to 11th centuries: Cecily Spall (FAS Heritage)

Settlement I 10:20-11:20

  • Machair Bharabhais, Leòdhas: a Scandinavian settlement in its context: Mary Macleod Rivett (Historic Environment Scotland)
  • Making a Living: Quoygrew and the Brough of Deerness: James H. Barrett (University of Cambridge)
  • Hamar and Underhoull, Unst; settlement in northernmost Scotland: Julie Bond (University of Bradford)

BREAK | 11:20-11:40

Settlement II 11:40-13:00

Chair: Alexandra Sanmark

  • Landnám and Landscape at the Bay of Skaill, Orkney: David Griffiths (University of Oxford)
  • Spatial organisation in the Norse houses at Bornais: Niall Sharples (Cardiff University)
  • Norse Settlement in the Southern Hebrides: The Place-Name Evidence from Islay: Alan Macniven (University of Edinburgh)
  • Norse Shielings in Scotland: Cultural Contact and Acculturation in the Viking Age: Ryan Foster (University of Edinburgh)

LUNCH | 13:00-14:00

Power & Administration Centres 14:00-15:00

  • Reflecting on 20 years of research at Govan: Stephen Driscoll (University of Glasgow)
  • The Earl’s Bu, Orphir: a Norse economic hub and more: Colleen E. Batey (University of Glasgow)
  • Revisiting Tuquoy: Still full of surprises after all these years: Olwyn Owen (University of the Highlands and Islands)

Death and Burial 15:00-15:40

Chair: James Graham-Campbell

  • The Carrick and Swordle Bay, Ardnamurchan: adding to the Viking pagan graves of Scotland: Colleen E. Batey (University of Glasgow)
  • New Graves & New Readings – A Case Study from the Isles: Stephen Harrison (University of Glasgow)

BREAK | 15:40-16:00

Economy, Trade & Exchange 16:00-17:00

  • The Galloway Hoard: Martin Goldberg (National Museums Scotland)
  • From homeland to home; using soapstone to map migration and settlement in the North Atlantic: Amanda Forster (Dig Ventures) and Richard Jones (University of Glasgow)

Civic Reception at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Time – 17:30, Thursday 6th December

Civic Reception courtesy of The Rt Hon The Lord Provost of Glasgow Councillor Eva Bolander.

We are delighted that ‘Vikings in Scotland: 20 Years On’ will be honoured with a Civic Reception at the beautiful Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.


Day Three – Fri 7th Dec. 2018

Glasgow, Kelvin Hall

Overarching Themes in Viking-Age Scotland

Introduction: 09:00-09:05 – Colleen E. Batey (University of Glasgow)

Death and Burial 09:05-10:15

Chair: Judith Jesch

  • The Pagan Norse Graves of Scotland Project: James Graham-Campbell (University College London) | The Swords: Caroline Paterson (University of Glasgow)
  • Memory, migration, and identity: Evidence from the graves of Scandinavian Scotland: Erin McGuire (University of Victoria)
  • A review of isotope studies from Viking burials in Scotland – limitations and possibilities: Janet Montgomery (Durham University)

Power & Administration 10:15-11:20

  • Gaelic Norse contact in the Hebrides: Thomas Clancy (University of Glasgow)
  • Inner Hebridean Things: Alasdair Whyte (University of Glasgow)
  • Thing sites and the Political Landscape in the North: Alexandra Sanmark (University of the Highlands and Islands)

BREAK | 11:20-11:40

Environment, Land Use, and Settlement 11:40-12:45

Chair: Colleen Batey

  • Feasts, food and fodder: Viking age farming systems in Orkney: Ingrid Mainland (University of the Highlands and Islands)
  • The milkmaid’s tale? Mammals in the Viking Economy: Julie Bond (University of Bradford)
  • Norse Animal management in the Scottish Islands: Insights from stable isotope analysis: Jennifer Jones (University of Aberdeen)

LUNCH | 12:45-13:40

Trade, Exchange, and Economy I 13:40-15:30

Chair: Olwyn Owen

  • In cod we trust: fishing activity and industry in Viking Scotland: Jennifer Harland (University of the Highlands and Islands)
  • Combs, Contact and Chronology: New Research, New Techniques, New Possibilities: Steve Ashby (University of York)
  • The Medieval Walrus Ivory Trade: The Context of the Lewis Chessmen: James H. Barrett (University of Cambridge), Bastiaan Star (Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, University of Oslo), Sanne Boessenkool (Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, University of Oslo)
  • The Lewis Hoard of Gaming Pieces – evoking and reassembling a Viking Past? Mark Hall (Perth Museum & Art Gallery)

BREAK | 15:30-16:00

Trade, Exchange, and Economy II 16:00-16:50

  • The Viking-Age Hoards of Scotland: 23 Years On! James Graham-Campbell (University College London)
  • Weighing it up: the Viking-Age and Norse bullion economy in Scandinavian Scotland: Tom Horne (Independent Scholar)

Closing Remarks 16:50-17:00